Why Choose Global Challenge Umbrella Services?


Here’s why you should choose Global Challenge Umbrella Services as your umbrella company.


Working through Global Challenge Umbrella Services gives you a wide range of benefits, including:

Registering with us

The application process is quick and easy: you can choose between making an online application and a telephone assisted one.

Prompt payments

Once we receive your pay from your agency, we pay you the same day, usually within an hour.

Text notifications

We send out text notifications to the phone number held on our records when we receive remittances from your agency which tells you how much we are expecting advising of any expenses being added and also when we pay you.

Competitive, flat rate costs for service

We charge on a weekly basis no matter how many different agencies you work with or how many times your agencies pay (we only charge you when you work).

Employee benefits

As an umbrella company employee you’ll be entitled to statutory rights such as sick, paternity, maternity pay and leave as well as a pension, all subject to HMRC requirements.

Real Time Information (RTI)

We make weekly reports and tax payments to HMRC.

Sample payslip

We can prepare a sample payslip (based on your income) that shows a projection of how much you would earn when working through us, before you decide to register.


We are quick to respond to email and telephone enquiries.


We offer Professional indemnity (£5 Million), Public liability insurance (£5 Million) and Employee’s liability insurance (£10 Million).