We are proud to announce that Global Challenge Umbrella Services is now PayePASS accredited.


What does it mean to have PayePASS accreditation?

PayePASS Accreditation is a demonstration to freelancers, contractors and to the whole supply chain that Global Challenge Umbrella Services is acting both Professionally and Ethically within the UK Tax, Employment and Regulatory Laws.

PayePASS Accreditation confirms that our systems are forensic, in-depth and independent in the Audit Processes and Systems as all Umbrella’s PAYE Payroll Calculations, deductions and transactions are critically verified.

Being accredited by PayePASS provides our clients and stakeholders with the necessary assurances to trust in our brand and know we can and will deliver a first-class service.

Advantages of using PayePass Accreditation

  1. Timely 3 monthly Audit checks to protect both the Agency and Contractor
  2. In-depth checks on all RTIs
  3. Eliminates Tax Avoidance
  4. Eliminates Tax Evasion
  5. Eliminates Unlawful deductions on Contractor payments
  6. Audits undertaken by Regulated Professionals
  7. PayePass is a REC Business Partner. REC is one of the UK’s Largest Recruitment and Employment Confederation Body.

For more information on PayePASS , click here.

We remain committed to ensure that our contractors enjoy peace of mind and concentrate on their assignments and not worry about tax compliance issues.

We are proud to be delivering such a service since 2017.