Based on the enquiries we receive by telephone; we have made a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. The article answers questions about payslips.

Q: When do I receive my payslip?

A: We send out all payslips every Friday at the end of business. All payslips are sent out via email to your personal email address that is held on our records.

Q: Can you explain the deductions on my payslip?

A: We provide a detailed breakdown in another article titled “Understanding Your Payslip“.

Q: How much do I get in holiday pay and when do I get it?

A: Holiday pay is 12.07% of the gross income you receive every payday. This amount is either deducted from your pay and given back to you on request (e.g. when you go on holiday) or it’s given to you every payday along with the rest of your take home pay.

We provide a detailed breakdown of how holiday pay works in another article titled “Understanding Your Payslip“.

Q: Why do I pay Employer’s National Insurance?

A: When an umbrella company contractor pays Employer NIC (National Insurance Contributions), the cost is subsidized by the enhanced pay rate set by their client.